About Our Church

Zion Evangelical United Church of Christ has graced the corner of North and New Jersey Streets in downtown Indianapolis for the last 100 years. The church, however, has been in existence since 1841, when it was founded by German immigrants. Zion is unique in that it was founded by immigrants of the Lutheran and German Reform denominations, rather than being established by a pastor.

Zion, originally named The German United Evangelical Protestant Lutheran and Reformed Zion Church of Indianapolis, did not offer services in English until 1928. Today, Zion honors its German immigrant founders by being one of the few churches in Indiana that still offers German language services at Christmas and Easter.

Zion became a member of the United Church of Christ in 1957 when the Evangelical and Reformed Churches and the Congregational Christian Churches merged to form the United Church of Christ (UCC).

Zion has a rich history in Indianapolis, from helping start two other Indianapolis area UCC churches to founding the Altenheim, a housing facility for the elderly. Zion also had a hand in the establishment of a home for orphaned children and a hospital in Indianapolis.

Today, Zion is an active member of the Chatham Arch neighborhood and the German Society of Indianapolis. Zion serves the downtown Indianapolis community with Sunday afternoon musical events featuring local classical musicians. Since Zion is adjacent to the flourishing arts community on Massachusetts Avenue, the church has also embarked on a mission to commission art works by local artists. In keeping with Zion’s mission to be a good neighbor, Zion also sponsors food drives to benefit Gleaner’s Food Bank and a mitten tree every winter to benefit Indianapolis Public Schools 2, 15, 65 and 96.