Join Us Online For Easter Worship

“He is not here; he has risen!” (Luke 24:6)

Dear Friends,

I invite all of you to join me online this Sunday, Easter morning, to worship our Risen Lord!  I will lead worship from the church sanctuary that morning.  The service will be live streamed onto Zion’s Facebook page again at our normal service time, 10:10am.  Pre-recorded music that Jonathan Block and the soloist have created especially for the service will, again, be used during worship.

Easter morning, among other things, we will celebrate the Holy Sacrament of Communion together.  I invite each of you, in your homes, to prepare elements for Communion before the live streamed service begins.   During an appointed time in the service, I will ask God’s blessings upon the elements on the altar, and in your homes, after which we can then receive them together during live streamed worship.  I will guide you through the process.  I ask that you use as elements for Communion any kind of bread you already have in your homes (leavened or unleavened), and wine or grape juice you already have in your homes.  You may also use water in substitute of wine or grape juice, if you don’t currently have wine or grape juice in your home.  In light of our Governor’s issued travel advisories, I encourage you not to make a special trip to the grocery store or elsewhere to obtain elements for Communion.  God will richly bless the items you already have in your homes.

There are some in our society who say that the current pandemic will make it impossible for Americans to celebrate Easter this year.  That, however, is not true!  We will celebrate the most important thing about Easter this Sunday.  Join me online at 10:10am so that all of us, on that most sacred of days, can safely lift up our Risen Lord together in praise as a church family!

Those of you unfamiliar with how to access our church’s Facebook page online, can do so my clicking the following link:

Bless you all!

Pastor Basile