Mission Projects

Harvest Home
Fall is here and that means it is time to celebrate the harvest season with a food drive for Hunger, Inc.,
A food bank on the southside of Indianapolis that serves Perry Township and the surrounding areas.
This is an excellent time to aid those that do not have enough food to feed their families, and help Hunger, Inc. refill their shelves during Thanksgiving.

Canned Meats: ham, chicken, stews, SpaghettiOs, spaghetti with meatballs, tuna, pork & beans, spaghetti sauce

Dry Goods: rice and pasta mixes, instant puddings, egg noodles, pastas, macaroni & cheese, crackers, cold cereals, boxed mashed potatoes

Soups: vegetable beef, chicken noodle, tomato, mushroom, celery, potato

And of course, we will accept cash.

Please place all donations on the table in the Parlor, or the food products may be delivered to the church. There is usually someone here from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM and sometimes in the afternoon.
Please call to be sure someone would be here to collect your donations.
Donations will be accepted through November 27.

Thank you,